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On my 2004 v6 mustang where do I hook the chains up when using a engine support bar?
Sorry I didn't see this. Did you make a thread? Maybe someone else will find it useful.
Random I know im like 5 years after the post? do you still have the adapter plate or the entire kit for sale?
Hello. I can source a Barra motor if you are chasing one. Depending on what state you are in and what you are happy with I can split the head and block and ship in two parts due to some of the import regs or as a Single unit, long motor which is easier. If you are interested please let me know what township and post code you are in and I’ll arrange a quote on shipping. Kind regards.
Hey man. I'm looking for a M122 adapter for my 4.0, do you know where I can start looking?
Hello my name is Chris, I am interested in also replicating m122 install. Would you be able to contact me for some questions I have?