Windstar Conversion - Required Windstart Parts?


I have the opportunity to buy a 1998 Windstar intake setup that I will later add to a year 2000, 3.8L Mustang split port engine. The Windstar engine is complete, but inoperable and the owner will sell me anything I need from it.

What parts besides the upper intake manifold do I need to remove from the Windstar engine to have everything needed to convert the 2000 Mustang engine? For example, do I need the Windstar lower intake manifold or will the Mustang 2000 lower match the 1998 Windstar upper? I was thinking perhaps I should ask for everything above the cylinder heads which would include the lower manifold, upper manifold, throttle body, injector wiring harness, MAF, etc.

Any help putting together a list would be appreciated.




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It depends on how you want to set it up. Only get the lower manifold if you plan to port match it. otherwise you may need the upper, throttle body, IAC valve, EGR valve bracket, the intake bolts/isolators. Need some wires for extending sensors, hoses, intake piping, couplers, clamps, sheet metal for brackets, and a filter.


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When I did MY conversion, I got another complete 4.2. I took off the lower intake, cleaned it, port and polished it. Also I deleted the egr bungs and my buddy welded the holes shut. When I had the lower off of the car, I stuff rags etc in the intake ports and did a port match from the heads(still on the car) to the new lower....Don't forget new fuel inj o-rings


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Like the others have stated.... Get the lower if you have intentions of porting it (or using as a core for someone else to send you a ported one).

But, all in all, the upper w/ bolts, the TB if you don't plan to upgrade it to something bigger, and definitely grab the EGR bracket if you plan to retain EGR functionality. Grabbing the MAF is pointless, and the harness would be pointless IMO as well. Other than for the extra wire, all the wiring from your car should be used.