When are they coming to the lots...


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I believe they shipped last week. You'll probably only see a few on the lots that are already sold though waiting for the buyer to pick them up. My dad said something about 25000 were already pre-ordered.


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Yeah and what are the odds of finding what you are looking for (the right combination) without ordering... I live in a smaller area and I'll bet all I see on lots are automatics! :mad:


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the dealership i am lookin at a 04 GT at has atleast 1, but they have it hidden in the back in a warehouse to prevent anyone from seeing. My salesman said I could come by and see it, but I didn't wanna waste gas cuz I know if I see it I will want it. If by sum chance I go around the dealership anytime soon ill take my digital camera and take sum pics of it.


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I haven't seen any on the dealer lots yet, but I drove by the assembly plant where they are being built last week and there were a ton of 05s in the parking lot.


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I pass this huge dealership all the time when going to and from school, I always check the lots hoping to see that signature front of the 05 (and previous gen. respectively).

Can't wait to see one though...


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OutlawTorn said:
I saw a yellow one cruising down US-23 South in Michigan this week. damn it looked sweet :thumbup:
if it was in south michigan, then they must have been released up there