V6 Tuner ?


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I'm lookin to buy a tuner and found a diablo predator for sale but am unsure if it will work on my 01 v6.
He said,
"This Diablo predator was previously used on a Mustang Mach 1, the vehicle was returned to stock so this predator is ready to use on another car. The sticker on the back of the unit says "Mustang". "

Will it work on my car?


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It will work only on a mach, not a 3.8 as it is now. To use it on your car, you would have to buy a tune from a diablo dealer for the 3.8. Though I believe the SCT Xcal to be a better option


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If you want a tunner I would look into X-cal 2's. You can go to VMP one our sites sponsors and check it out. :thumbup:


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and also i would not suggest a mail in tune from diablo or SCT. they are crap tunes compared to what a dyno tune can do. and the safety of your car is better known through a dyno tune as well.


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While a dyno tune is safer, since he is stock or near stock (I'm assuming), I dont think Justin or or other dealer could really screw it up.


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Thanks for the offer, but I just bought a SCT instead

Justin sells tunes for the SCT....
They are well worth it from what I hear. He does a good job. All you have to do is buy them from him, he sends them to you (over email I think), you upload them to the SCT and then flash your car with them. Go for it dude. :thumbup: