thunder bird s/c v6 to 2000 mustang v6


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i have an 89 lx with gt looks,with 302 bored 30 over nothing special but its mine and paid for.......
i have 2 1999 gts that are as fast as i need .. i also have a 2000 that was a V6 and now has no motor in it. Is this going waste of time or is it something worth while...i have a 94 super charged V6 thunderbird....i want to put that motor in my 2000 v6 mustang (no motor in it).. most say its a wast of time....i just thought a second or 15th opinion would help me decide.....any info on this would be awesome thanks everyone
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Well, if it has no motor in it, and you want a project, then go for it.
I would not remove the V6 to put a V8 in, time and money isn't really
worth it, when you can buy a V8 for the costs. However, you already
have a motor, and an empty engine bay, so... IF you already have the
ECU, and wire harness for the V8, even better.

If you have the time and the patience, then it's not a waste of time.

People have wasted more time on less, like a BARRA motor swap, an
I6 for V6. It's more of an "original" thing.