The Zombie Apocalypse is Here... what are you bringing to the fight?


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Figured this could be a fun thread. I'm making this up as I go, so bear with me if there are loopholes and we can try to figure things out as we go.

Prologue: We've all agreed to meet in a central location where we can combine the **** we have and head out to take our god damned jobs back from the zombies. You can only bring what you own... if you don't own a rocket launcher or a military spec flash bang, then you can't say you're going to bring it. Since I started this colony, I decide who the next guy to join is. When someone else arrives, the previous person that arrived decides whether or not to allow them in. If you don't get in, you're now a zombie... so put "zombie" in your signature. If you do get in, you get a rank. Everyone starts at private until you've killed a zombie, so put your rank in your signature once you arrive and are accepted. To kill a zombie you have to be the first person to provide a linked picture to the member's vehicle that was not accepted into the colony. For example... if I don't get in, you have to go search for a picture of one of my bikes or lexus or previous mustangs I've had. The first person to successfully complete that task (and it cannot be the person who did not allow the other to join) gets a zombie kill.

When you come to the colony asking to get in, you must provide a list of what you brought. No more than 3 items at a time. Be as specific as possible. If you brought a pistol, mention the caliber. Anything you bring, your picture must include "3.7" as well as the date of the photo written, or mentioned, somewhere. If you do not have this information, the picture is null, void, and assumed fake and/or not your own. Once you ask to enter the colony, copy and paste the list of items that already exist in the colony, and add what you are bringing in BOLD lettering so we can see what you brought.

Reasons for not allowing someone into the colony:
- They brought something we already have. If there's a duplicate gun or something, calibers must be different, or must be a different "style" of weapon if the calipers are the same. Manufacturer differences are not enough to warrant entry. If it is something old school that is the same as something brand new, that is fine.
- They bring more than 3 items
- They do not provide a picture of their items with "3.7" and the date in the picture(s)
- They do not copy/paste the list of items with their own items added to it in BOLD font
- Someone requests entry before they are human again (more on that in a second)

If you don't get let in, you turn into a zombie. You are now a zombie for a week, then somehow, under the grace of Allah, you turned back into a human after that week passes. If you attempt to gain entry into the colony before your week is up, and are caught, you become a zombie for one month. If you are NOT caught, you can start turning people by PMing them saying you're still a zombie. If you actually are not a zombie, and are PMing people telling them you are, you are forever a zombie and nikko will ban your IP, so don't be a queerbox (no offense Tom).

- Ammo is assumed infinite for a weapon you bring. You do not need to consider ammo as one of your items.
- Vehicles are able to be counted as an item. I'm sure we'll figure out some gasoline/other fluids rules later, but for now resources are not an issue.

In order not to die from starvation, and to acquire new weapons/other supplies, there is the ability to form groups of no less than 2 to head out and explore/search the surrounding area. You can pick how many days you want to be away from the colony on your search. For each day you are gone, each member of the group must roll to determine their actions and/or consequences. Each person is allowed to roll up to 2 times per day, but you MUST roll at least once per day. Your roll determines your fate, so roll wisely.

If you decide to go out and explore, the time you are going to be gone must be predetermined. It must be publicly announced who will be leaving and for how long. Only one person per group is required to post this information.

Rolls determine what will become of you if you decide to take chances. The following results are the consequences of rolling a 1 sided die (or equivalent. I.E. Random online number generator):

1 - You get mauled by a Zombie and have caught the fever. Your group member(s) have abandoned you and headed off on their own.
2 - You find supplies! (All rules for adding supplies apply)
3 - You kill some food! Determine what it is you killed, and bring it back for the rest of the group
4 - You found medical supplies. This is good for 1 zombie bite - Use it wisely.
5 - You find Fuel!
6 - You looked and looked, but came back empty handed.

- If you become a zombie during your search, you will become a zombie and cannot ask for re-entry to the colony for a week from when you turned. Zombie rules and rank-up rules apply.
- Supplies must be your own, with pictures including verification of validity. There is no maximum for number of items you can find with your available rolls.
- Bring food back for the people, and gain rank. 1/4 rank gained for each food roll brought back.
- Medical supplies allow one zombie bite/death to occur without punishment. Inventory records will be kept by designated person.
- Fuel allows for double rolls on your next outing. Rolling a 1 is void except for your first roll for each day that is already predetermined..
- Being empty handed sucks. Lose 1/4 rank.


You cannot roll your own number. For honesty's sake we will have designated rollers. These are people that are active throughout the day and are in the thread. We'll figure them out as we go.

Here's what I have at the colony to start with. Need some bro's to help hold this **** down. I'm out of ammo, so if someone could bring that... it'd be great.

Double sided single hand wield ax
.380 ACP
Condoms. Don't need no babies up in here (even though there's no chicks yet :uhh:)



Between two ferns
Double sided single hand wield ax
.380 ACP
Condoms. Don't need no babies up in here (even though there's no chicks yet )
a 12 gauge shotgun, ammo, and a shovel (assuming we have no running water and need to dig latrines)

Edit, **** your terms I don't own a crucifix.


The Coors Knight
Double sided single hand wield ax
.380 ACP
Condoms. Don't need no babies up in here (even though there's no chicks yet )
a 12 gauge shotgun, ammo, and a shovel (assuming we have no running water and need to dig latrines)

Edit, **** your terms I don't own a crucifix.

Draw one :lol: You already ****ed up though. You don't have a picture. Also, what kind of ammo.

Be specific... can't be bringing ammo for a .22 if we dont have one. Useless I tell you.


original gangsta ****
****, I was about to play but I don't own a crucifix. I'll keep my Beretta 92fs, pick axe, and booze to myself.


I'll stay at my house with my storage container. Zim you aren't ridiculously far from me I'd allow you to fight your way down and hole up in my house. If you don't want to **** it, more rice and beans for me.


What would be a better melee weapon an axe or something like this?


I would think whatever you think you can swing faster. You don't want to be caught in a bad spot because you can't swing fast enough because it takes too long to bring your weapon around.


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Would an axe really kill a zombie without the blade getting stuck in the head?