SuperSixMotorsports Twin Turbo

Samuel Stephan

New Member
The SuperSixMotorsports twin turbo adapter kit is an adapter kit that allows the f150 ecoboost turbos to fit onto the 3.7 mustang. SuperSix advertises that with this setup and low boost, you can make about 400whp and 470 wtq. This is one of the most affordable options for adding boost to your 3.7. I was going to apply this to my 2014 mustang, but with school starting I don't have the time and money to finish buying parts and getting it installed. All the parts for sale are new and have never been used. Turbos have 39k miles on them. Willing to take these prices or best offer. You can contact me at [email protected]

-SuperSixMotorsports ecoboost twin turbo adapter kit $750

-2011 ecoboost f150 turbo left and right. $420 for both or $210 for one

-CX Racing dual 2 1/2" inlets, single 3" outlet intercooler $215

-Turbosmart eBoost street boost controller $275

-Race Part Solutions 50 mm blow off valve, Black, with steel flange $100