Supercharge or Turbocharge


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I'm new to this, but I would like to have fun with my v6 mustang. I would like to supercharge or turbo charge.
What do y'all think.
Does anyone have a Suggestion on which one i should do and where to get it?

David Young

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When and if I ever do what you are wanting to do.......I would buy a ProCharger (supercharger) from MPT. They sell a starter Tune and you send them datalogs of a few pulls and they adjust the tune. The prices are pretty much the same from everyone who sells the ProCharger :(. Good luck and let us know how everything goes :)


I have a 2009 4.0 v6 mustang I do have bolt ons and 91 oct tune I also have zex nitrous system.
I am buying a twin turbo kit in December. I do have to upgrade acouple of things in order for this to work with out damaging the engine so I am hoping next year I will have everything installed.


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