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I recently bought a 2001, 3.8L, V6 Coupe. Nothing too serious for my first mustang. The overall condition it pretty dang good considering how old it is. This thing is already my baby so I wanna really make her stand out. She is currently black, and I’ve decided I want to do black/red everything. There is a obviously some wear and tear such as scratches and sun spots but nothing too too serious. I’m guessing it will be an arm and a leg to repaint the spot that the previous owner (poorly) attempted to fix the chips and such... so obviously I won’t put decals over those spots. Below is a list of what I’m planning to do over the next 6-8 months. Feel free to put your two cents in on where to get each item, things to watch out for when doing it, things I SHOULDNT do, ya know anything you really feel I should know. I’m not made of money, I work as a retail sub manager at 19 yrs old, so this is gonna take awhile Sorry if its out of order and all over the place, theres a lot I want to do

These aren’t necessarily the EXACT product Im going to get, but most of them is highly likely. Some stuff isn’t pictured. I want to start with dual red racing stripes and a low red stripe decal. Not real sure where to get those. Obviously in addition to that I have to get the MUSTANG on my back bumper filled in. I’m planning on taking apart the dashboard and switching out the green lights for red lights. I’m going to replace the rear view mirror with one of those that have a backup camera screen installed into it, then put the camera that comes with it over my chrome license plate. I’m going to replace the smoked third brake light with a 3rd brake shell that shows the word mustang. I’m going to replace the trunk light and interior dome lights with LED lights (might make the interior middle light that turns on when you open the door red... havent decided on that one yet). I want to add a red light bar for inside the trunk and a red light kit set for around my front grille logo (I have seen ones that have a light behind the logo itself and not the entire grille, but its only for new models unfortunately). Gonna get some logo projectors and install them inside the door for when I open my door like the new ones (gonna make a hole into the door itself on the bottom and install IN the door, with like a hinged door basically to hide it incase). I need to find a junkyard mustang with rims I like and replace the rims (they HAVE the have to logo‍♀️), then replace the pressure caps with either red caps or chrome mustang logo caps. I need to look into this one but if I do end up doing it, I will take apart the dash and all the plastic parts entirely and put carbon fiber decal on it THEN add red lining (Ive seen some of yall do it before, its beautiful ). I need to replace my headlights anyways because they are terrible, and I want to get seqential turn signals... so I might just get halos and turn signal package. If I do get the halos, am I able to swap the halo light inside at some point for red or does that require a whole new headlight? Depending on how the decal turns out, I want to plasti-dip the plastic piece on the hood scoop thing and the side wings or whatever theyre called. That is definitely at the bottom of the list though. I would like to find a new and louder exaust system that wouldnt break the bank but thats near the bottom because I’m not a huge fan of SUPER loud cars, but that low growl is obviously something I adore whenever I start my car. I’m not real into colored lights on the inside of my car that go under the seat and such, but if I have some extra cash at some point after I pay for my college classes I may add those... not sure yet. I’m sure I’m forgetting something that Ive seen on yalls but this is a start lol suggestions are ALWAYS welcomed please don’t hesitate to tell me that something I am looking into looks absolutely ridiculous.

My dad isn’t real good at wiring and cars and such so this is basically a weekend to weekend project with my older brother and my grandpa... but if you want to help me and are good with ANYTHING or if you just want constant input or if I have questions or whatever, my kik is nshinn4 and I will never turn down any extra opinions. Just message me that you’re willing to help and I’ll be one happy man.


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Oh and hopefully youtube/google can show me how the paint my brake calipers red then with a chrome or black small mustang logo on it


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I built 3.8 I kind of stand behind them a good first step it's a lot of work for a little money but it gives you significant boost and horsepower and torque get the 4.2 L rebuild kit for the F-150 use the crankshaft in the Pistons do not try to use the 3.8 Pistons they will collide with the valves learn that when I was young you do a basic stroke job on that 3.8 from their GoPro charge or Turbo or you can get fancy and I use the supercharger out of the super Coupe T Bird with the high performance heads from the T-Bird and build something funny to watch go down the road