Some parts for sale (gears, cam, 4.2 stock internals)


Hello My Name Is
So the time has come for me to clear out all of my 3.8 parts that have been sitting on my workbench for quite a few years. Ill be adding pictures as I go or with interest, but keep in mind, some of these parts are HEAVY and that will be reflected in shipping.

FMS 3.73 Gears for 7.5in Rear end-Have about 10,000 miles of them. One of the teeth (and part of the surrounding tooth) on the ring gear was shaved down by the shop so the cross pin that goes into the carrier would clear. This didn't affect ride quality or sound. 115+shipping

Performance 3.8 Camshaft (Regrind)
- I purchased this used from Stangant on back in 2013 (3.8 s/c cam - V6Power Messageboard) It was described as an S/C cam, 218/218 .55/.55 1.7 LSA 114 For Modified 3.8 5-speeds/auto I never got around to installing this particular cam, but wear patterns look to be normal and was run by the original owner for about 30k miles. 150+shipping

4.2 Crankshaft
- Unknown mileage but was told it was around 100k. No rust and clean. 120+shipping

4.2 Stock rods and pistons
-Unknown mileage but was told it was around 100k. 25+shipping

4.2 Cylinder heads (pair)
- Unknown mileage but was told it was around 100k. Assembled with valve springs and valves 125+shipping

The 4.2 stuff is heavy and would prefer not to ship, but am willing if someone really needs it. For all three items (crank, rotating assembly, and heads) I can do 225+shipping

I am open to reasonable offers!


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