* SOLD* 05-09 WebElectric Sequential Plug-n-Play kit

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* SOLD* 05-09 WebElectric sequential kit

This is a plug-n-play kit. No splicing or soldering. Just swap your harness with your stock one. If you're wondering about the phone cord in the picture, that's part of their smart sequencing feature (explained below). You don't have to use it. It's been on my car over a year without any issues whatsoever. Top notch quality. I originally paid $140 for this.


Q: What is "Smart-Sequence"? Can I disable it?

A: Smart-Sequence is a new technology that makes your tail lights sequence ONLY when a signal is on. Some States do not allow the brake lights to sequence, even one time. With Smart-Sequence, when you hit the brakes, all lamps come on at once.

You can disable Smart-Sequence to make your brake lights sequence once each time you press the brake pedal. To do this, simply remove the phone cord that connects between the two sequential harnesses. This will also allow the hazards to sequence each time the flasher clicks on. (NOTE: Check local laws before disabling Smart-Sequence).
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