rough engine at high rpm



I have been hesitant to take my 2000 Mustang above 3000 rpm because it starts to sound rough. I found a friend who used to race souped up stock cars. He shrugs and says thats just Ford and there is nothing wrong. True? Whats happening? I hope that there really is nothing wrong.

Please, no comments from the Chevy crowd. This is family business.


When you say rough, do you mean vibrations or noise? I have not seen any 3.8s run rough. they do get noisey at high RPMs.


I would say noisy. It wasnt what I was expecting. My first thought was that something was wrong. Someone else has told me that if any engine is broken in or used to running in one rpm range then it may run rough at a different speed. Someone else told that may have been true at one time but not with todays engines. Id like to hear other opions on that issue.


my 3.8 sounds rough around gets anoying but i found i cant get rid of it.the 3.8 is a rough running engine as i mean it runns like it has a slightly large cam in released a information notice to all dealers when the 94s came out to let tecks no that if a person complains about a rough feel at idle,usually,or while driving it is normal.i myself thought there was somthing wrong with it but hes right when he says "thats ford".