Pics 1999 Rio Red Conv F/S


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Rio Red looks like the 03 Torch Red.
It is not the burgundy type red (Laser Red).
The pics were taken at dusk.



I sure wish I had your trunklid. Mine has the spoiler on it, and I don't want to spend $400 to have the holes filled and repainted!

I also have a 99 rio red convertible.

I'm in NH, if you think it will help it sell.


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Thanks anyway, 99vert. One of the reasons I bought the car
was for the clean rear end. It is probably one of the few things
that I don't like about the GT.
Anyway, the GT I wanted to buy was sold. I am debating the
idea of buying one. These cars appear to drop in value like a rock.
I am no longer sure I really want the GT. We'll see.