Noise on deceleration,like lifter noise V6 1996 Obviously we’re going to do things down like got the

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I just fell into a 1996 V6 Mustang with only 7500 miles this June 2018. That’s right 22 years old only 7500 miles. Car is like new. I drove The car a couple hundred miles no motor noise no ticking lifters ran perfectly smooth. I was not able to drive the car for a month due to business

my sons and wife and daughter were driving the car around telling me that there’s some noise they hear, and from what they said it sounded like a ticking from s lifter.

Since I was not personally going to be able to do anything for a month I said drive over to this mechanic I arranged to have look at it and get his assessment When I called and made the appointment I could only tell him what the kids told me and my wife

After looking at it He said you got a brand new car there but it recommended changing the various fluids etc. which I happily agreed to

he said but you know you got some noise there and I wouldn’t call it in knock But more of a tick, but I think it’s like a piston slap. He said there were some bad wrist pin connections and that there’s actually a kit back in the day from Ford where they replaced all six Pistons He was sure that’s what it is.
He said if he was correct just drive it and put up with the noise your not going to blow the motor but if it becomes a nuisance then we have to dig deeper

After talking to my two other experts the other guy thinks it could be a lifter and wants me to try either seafoam or Marvel mystery oil

My last expert is an airline pilot with a major airline and back in the younger days we used to watch him race at Santa Fe Speedway in Chicago. and he’s built lotta engines and is a smart is any of the guys that I know and he is totally puzzled as to what it could be

We pulled each plug wire off the coil. House never went away.

Obviously we’re going to do things now like got the filter open make sure it’s not any metal contamination

we think it’s in the left Bank we’re going to pull the valve cover off and see if there’s anything obvious there

before we get too crazy has anyone out there heard of a similar issue?

this noise happens generally when you decelerate and then seems to go away it’s not necessarily there when you first start up the car

Hope someone knows something

I hope it’s something minor but realize it could be something a lot more major from the car was 22 years and only 7500 miles

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Ticking noise may be related to a cracked engine header. More obvious at idle and low speeds. Drive the car next to a high wall in one direction. Then switch directions to see if the sound is related to one side or the other.


Seafoam is good stuff and a cheap fix if it's lifter noise. I'd try that before tearing into the engine.