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Abner here. i am new to your site and very glad i ran across it. besides being a new member, i am a first time Mustang owner. i am 83 y.o. and a widower and have always wanted a mustang but life just didn't seem to see fit for me to have one. responsibilities all along the way just kept saying No. we have 3 boys and 1 girl. the oldest is a boy and he had his mustang early in life. he was 16 when his grandmother helped him buy a used '65 mustang. it needed quite a bit of mechanical tlc and a friend of the family, who was a mechanic, helped him get it together. they made a very nice little car out of it, BUT, a foot on the wrong petal and my son lost it. crashed into several new cars on a dealers lot and ruined the mustang. he got rid of the car and that was the end of his mustanging.
i spent several months on line, on craigslist, on the phone and just driving and looking. finally my car appeared on CL and it had been on there about 2 hours when i saw it and i immediately put in a call to the number. bingo, we made a deal over the phone and i was driven nearly 300 miles to see it. ---it became mine the minute i saw it. i am as of dec 3 2018 the proud owner of a 2003 ford mustang. automatic 3.8L v6 base. it could not have been painted any reder.
it is a very nice little car. it has its needs but they'll come around in time. since i have become interested in the STANG i have seen many, many of them. they're everywhere. thanks.