New ECU I Think It's Time...

Captain Max Silver

Captain Max Silver
Can Buy New ECU Pre Programed! With My Vin Code And HGH3 Code, need to program keys. I Think (HOPE)
Have Determined ECU giving P0340 Code Is Bad, Confused Signal At Cam Sensor, Voltage Not Right
Have Cleared Code And Just Keeps Coming Back, Ground Signal Good. Volt Meter To Slow To See Trigger Wave
But What I Get Is Varying Values On Meter Screen. Have Meter With Scope On Order And Should Be In Soon.
But I'm Afraid ECU, PCM Whatever Is Going South And Need To Install New One. Have Had This Done At FORD
Dealer And Price Out There. New Reman ECU Programed With All Info But No Start Unless Keys Read In Pat's
System. How Do I Program ECU To Except My 2 FORD Keys? Both Are Ford Dealer Sold Keys When Last ECU
Went South. Have A Lot Of Mods To Engine, 4.2L Built In My 2000 Mustang That Came Originally With 3.8L.
FORD Dealer Wouldn't Understand. LOL Please Help... And Please Don't Tell Me SEE FORD DEALER!!!!
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