my DTC codes aren't listed!


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I had autozone check out my CEL and they gave me P1448 and P1551.
P1448 said to see manufacturers spec and P1551 wasn't even listed!

Well I called my ford dealer and he couldn't find either one on his list, and the web page in the sticky doesn't list them either.

Should I try getting them read again?


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Any powertrain code above P1000 is a "manufacturer specific" code. The same code will mean different things on different makes of car.

OBD-II code P1448 is used by Ford, and it means "Evap System Purge Valve Flow 2 Fault".

I don't know what code P1551 means on a Ford. Here's what it means on some other cars.

P1551 "A" Camshaft Position Actuator Control Open Circuit Bank 1 (BMW)
P1551 Barometric Pressure Sensor Circ. Short to B+ (Audi)
P1551 Throttle Valve Rest Position Not Reached During Learn (GM)

At least you've got one of them... Hope it's helpful.