My car hobby passion...about 35 years long


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I had an interest in the auto hobby since I was a kid. So I drove 67' Galaxie w/428 4v to high school and another 14 years after that. I always wanted show cars so I started out with a 66' Impala SS,64'Impala SS ,a couple of nice 66'Chargers and ended up showing AMC's. I pretty much gave up showing cars after 30 years and decided to get into Mustang and just drive them..a 98GT,an 97GT,06GT and an 07GT and a pretty nice v6 Ragtop.
Restoring, showing and judging car shows took up a lot of my time but I gained a lot of experience winning trophies and making lots of friends along the way.
This a pic of my last show car...a 1967 Rebel 550 w/290 and three on the tree and never lost an event I entered.
Rebel Three.jpg

I just wanted to prove you can show anything and enjoy the effort while learning about different cars. I'm in my 60's now and I still enjoy helping people figure out their issues and helping them prepping car for show. My passion will die with me..I'm a gear head.
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Welcome my friend ...your never to old to drive a mustang or mod or race or just sit and look at it