Looking for intake manifold porting/machining info, Single Port only


Hey thanks for clicking.

Like the title says I'm trying to find examples or information on modifying the stock single port (1996) 3.8 intake manifold to move tuning peak up a little.

I know I'm just a name on the internet and that doesn't mean anything - for context I've been turning wrenches for decades, I'm well aware of the Dunning-Kruger effect but let's pretend for the sake of this conversation somebody who's stuck with this hobby a quarter century and has a job as an engineer isn't completely clueless either :D

My wife has had a '02 V6 for eight years, I have a '94 GT and I just picked up a '96 V6 as a rescue project and my focus is not on making horsepowars - obvious answer there is forced induction or split port swap or both - my focus is on polishing this little doodoo into something more comparable to a 5/4ths scale Miata using the parts it came with from the factory wherever possible. I hope that makes sense. This is a hobby if I just wanted to go fast I could finance a fast car and keep the blood inside my knuckles.

So all the back story out of the way if you're still awake I'm just looking for examples of work people have already done to improve the stock upper and lower single port manifolds. I'll work on the heads later, don't feel like taking them off the block just yet.

Specifically I'm just looking for intake manifold information not exhaust, CAI, shock absorbers or tree shaped air freshener advice at this time ;)