List of your winter 08 and spring 09 mods.


Just as the title says. Please list you winter 08 / spring 09 mods or all of your 09 mods if you wish. The reason I decided to do this was so that we could help each other and gain ideas or trade ideas.

Here is mine.

True dual exhaust (Will be added Nov. 4).:thumbup: (Stock exhaust manifolds, 4 stock cats, 2.25" piping, custom h-pipe (flanged between mufflers so that it can be taken off for maintenance or repairs), Flowmaster 2 chamber Original 40 Series, and (3" tips - subject to change).

After Christmas
American Muscle Cold Air Intake
2 rear side and back window tinted and sun visor tint stripe on front window.
Steeda Tri-Ax or MGW shifter.

Later 09 Fall and Winter.
LT Headers and Highflow Cats
Eaton M112 (Hopefully);)

Past this it will be on a as cash flow basis and a as needed basis.



Finish Underbody/Splitter/Diffuser design
Buy MM CC Plates
Get a new MM Collar for my C/O kit
Look for a deal on rear springs/shocks

Actually produce Underbody/Splitter/Diffuser
Install MM C/O kit and MM CC Plates
New Tires (maybe just 2)
Possibly LTs


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Seam weld the whole car, new tires, more brake pads, lighten car more, save for track time.


-Strange 10 way adj. shocks.
-New springs for rear.
-Start accumulating more turbo parts like cold and hot side pipes, MAF and 42pnd injectors.
-Start building turbo set up.
-Possibly find a 4.6 block and start building it for the inevitable blowing of the old one after the turbo is in.
Thats as far as I have gotten. Plans do change though. Everybody here has seen it and theres really no point in naming 100's of parts youre going to get if youre not being realistic.:rolleyes:


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isnt there already a thread like this?

build a forged 4.2 block haven't worked out the details yet.
redo some weatherstripping.
fix window.

work on getting some dd for the back.
fix my a/c lmao


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isnt there already a thread like this?

build a forged 4.2 block haven't worked out the details yet.
redo some weatherstripping.
fix window.

work on getting some dd for the back.
fix my a/c lmao

i made a fall/winter plans thread a while this is only a half repost :lol:


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'99 V6
Winter-Paint Calipers Red

Spring-Paint '00 Cobra R Hood
OEM Tinted Tails
Fix Damage to rear bumper
Install Head Unit
Black Vinyl across top rear windshield
MGW Short Throw w/ black hurst knob

'85 V8-----------------------------------------------------
Winter-Install new 306 c.i. alond with many other parts
Clean and repaint engine bay
Look for a good deal on a set of Drag Radials
Spring-Race the hell out of it
Take it to a dyno
flowmaster 40's
Mac TB(75mm)
trick flow plenum
Termi bumper
interior 2-tone
T handle and O/D button relocate kit for my auto
new headlights


side scoops(not sure what style yet)
maybe more cobra parts
3.55 gears
leather seats
cobra sides
other body parts(rousch/saleen/cobra)
re-tint rear window


hrmms am I crazy or was there a thread like this?

Either way, I'm done with 1 out of 2 of the things I had set to do this winter.
1) projector retrofit (check)
2) IRS bushings/toe links/tie rods

Spring/summer- hopefully get the front and rear bumper sitting at home painted/shaved and installed. Other than that, I'm still looking into raising the car and going with drop spindles or saving a little more and get the mm k member kit for weight savings + proper front end alignment. As it is the A arms aren't parallel to the ground (did not know the importance of this when I chose to lower it this much, was going for more looks than performance, and now I'm over that heh)


mach c-pillars, black FR's, with DD rears, prokit lowering springs, Bilstein shocks/struts... all that's already done.

Spring - Termi front bumper, hood and skirts... 31 spline rear, 3.73's and an Eaton LSD... we'll see how I feel after that :)
We don't have seasons here in Florida, and I'm not sure if you guys care because it's not a Mustang - but my plans for the Accord that are coming up next... some as soon as next week, some not for another few months.

  • Timing belt, water bump, accessory belts, cam seals, front crank seal (already have, getting installed next week, all OEM Honda parts)
  • Fix clogged EGR and reset check engine light
  • Lower rear tie bar + getting the car aligned
  • Black-out chrome window trim (bought the tape for it, just need to do it)
  • Realign stock exhaust and paint the mufflers/piping black, have OEM '04 TSX exhaust tips welded up (have tips and paint, just need to do it lol)
  • Purchase Type-R replica front lip, and get painted with the Type R replica front grille I already have, install.
  • Black interior accents: some painting, floormats, maybe some dye, we'll see. I can't stand all the brown/tan
  • work on the finish of the front wheels. The spray paint came out perfect on the rears but the front have developed pores and they look black more often than they look silver. Either going to try wetsanding them or just respraying them. We'll see.
  • B&M SuperCooler transmission cooler (plus possibly adding an external filter)
  • Autometer Trans temp guage and Oil pressure guage, in an autometer knock-off guage pod that goes around the factory guages


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I was wondering when you were planning on doing this.

Yeah, I just need more than a weekend of downtime with my grinder and welder to get it done. It should be done around Xmas. I will also weld on the PHB chassis mount as well.


Why So Serious?

Procharger d1 + 3 core installation/tune
Eibach rear drag bags in cut 4cyl foxbody springs
Cut front 4cyl fox body springs

Tint windows
GT rear
Save for cruises/track time/show fees.


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before thanksgiving:
get car back in my drive way :D

Before christmas:
3.73s, true trac, girdle, shift kit, tranny cooler, Hammer shifter

before april 1st
stereo install, springs, LCA/UCAs, upgrade rear sway

by end of june:
rest of the suspention work, aluminum DS, DS saftey loop, DRs, line lock, and maybe cobra break upgrade

next winter is when the fun project will start :D


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- Retrofit Audi A4 Projectors (like 10% there, lol)
- MM Heavy Duty LCA / Remove quads
- Eibach front and rear sways
- New tires or Saleens and tires (depends on what I decide to do...)
- Install my FRPP 4.10's
- Shorter end links with polyurethane bushings
- Larger B&M plate transmission cooler to replace my old one