installing fog lights on my 94 using existing factory wiring


I have a 1994 Mustang and I want to install fog lights on. In the past
it has been my experience that the factory usally uses one wiring harness
on all the same models so all they need to do on the assembly line is ad
a short piece of harness for what ever option they are installing.
So that's what I'm going to go with. I really don't want to ad any
aftermarket wiring unless necessary.

Let me know if this has been done here and send me a link to
make it easier for me.

I started with the inside of the car - The fog light switch.
I took the screws out of the storage compartment in the
console and removed the compartment. "You don't need to remove the lid" This allowed me to reach up under the console and find the tabs for the coin holder that's on the console and "pop" it out

Next I had to find the plug in for the foglight switch it's fastened down next
to the wire for the convertible top. (if your cars not a convertible)
I had a console already out so I took a picture of it to show you what
I mean

It takes a little messing around to get the plug off it's holder
But after I got it loose I ran it out through the hole from the coin holder and plugged in the foglight switch. When I put the headlights on low beam and turn on the switch the little yellow light on the switch came on. TA DAAAAA It started to get dark and I stopped
for the night. I'm hopping this sends a signal to the relay location.
I checked the owner's manual and it said the low beams are on the same fuse so that should be all good.
Tomorrow I'm going to go to the large fuse box that is outside under the hood. The owners manual shows where the relay should be. with the low beams on and the foglight switch on I'm going to push
in a relay in and out to see if I can feel it "click" if I can next I'll be out by the headlights looking for the wires. Wish me luck..
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This what I meant by removing the storage compartment out of the console

This where the coin holder was I just fasten the wire terminal to the switch
and it worked (the yellow light comes on when you turn on the switch)

outside under the hood this is where I needed to put a relay. This is where the
owners manual said it would be. I had the switch
in the "on" position and the relay clicked when I would plug it in so i knew juice was
going somewhere

I found the fog light wire down next to where the fog lights go I checked it
and it has 12 volts when the switch is turned on

this just seemed a lot better than running all aftermarket wires and switches
and I like the "factory look"

looks like I'm all done with the wiring. I ordered a set of fog lamps I'll post some pictures when they come in
and I install them
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