F/S Alpine CDA-9815


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Need to sell for performance parts, comes with everything in original box, I used this for about 4 months, then sold my car, havent used it since. It goes for 475, I have seen them used on ebay for 300, so I want 300 Firm

In-Dash CD Player/Ai-Changer Controller

60W x 4 V-Drive™ Amplifier
Bass Engine® Pro
6-Channel Digital Time Correction
6-Position HP/LP Digital Crossover
5-Band Parametric EQ
Subwoofer Level Control with Phase Selector
3-Way or 2-Way Digital Crossover
Media Xpander™
XM Satellite Radio Ready
MP3/WMA/CD-R/RW Playback
CD Text and MP3/WMA Tag Informtation Display
Quick Search Function
CD Text, CD Text Display, CD Text Scroll
2-Line Color Display with Spectrum Analyzer
Versatile-Link™ Ready
MaxTune SQ Tuner
BlackOut Display
Regulated 1Bit DAC
3 PreOuts (4 volt)
MM Driver (Hard Disc Drive) Ready
MobileHub™ Ready
Swing Mechanism with Detachable Face
RUE-4187 Wireless Remote Control Included

AIM :pyro21786
Email: [email protected]


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