exhaust vibration question


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Apparently when I got my exhaust kit there were a few key pieces missing. I ended up having to take it to a muffler shop and have it installed for $50 (I know the family). When I start up my car and the idle slows down to below 1k rpms, there is a brief period of time I can hear a vibration on the right side at the rear of the car. I'm pretty sure it's somewhere between the wheel well area and the bottom of the bumper near the exhaust tip. None of this happens when I'm driving at speeds, but only when I come to stops at lights, ect. Occasionally it doesn't do it when I'm stopping either. I've crawled under the car and made sure all the bolts and what not are tight and everything seems to check. I've made sure the exhaust tips don't move or touch the bumper also, and they don't. It's just really annoying and I'm sure no one else is driving around with this every day and not wondering about it. Any help would be great guys! :eek:


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I had the same problem when I got my exhaust done. When I was stopped it would vibrate and sound like crap. I found out that it was my hanger for the exhaust and tip against a piece of the rear. I ended up getting an insualtor a putting it between the two..........No more vibration.