We might have to call 911 before this is all over. Soon to be 4 and soon to be 7 years olds are losing it. Wife hitting the box wine a little extra tonight.

It's hell trying to limit screen time. That's like the only thing that shuts them up. Must hold strong.


Driving to the badlands tomorrow and drive thru the park. Gotta get the kids out of the house, maybe we'll see some buffalo or something.


Best Of The Best
I WISH. I do need to get the original one some day. It's highest rate game of all time. Goes down into the $70s sometimes so I'm waiting for that to happen again. I wouldn't even open it b/c I'd never play it :lol:

edit: they are known for being huge games. gloomhaven the first one weighed over 20 lbs :lol:


Florida Man
Lol **** them kids. Doing alright. Business is closed for the time being so idk what to do with myself