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I've been to Disney 80+ times and lived in south Florida for 10 years in a neighborhood with at least 4 canals. Saw alligators quite often but I have never thought about gators being an issue in the Seven Seas Lagoon. Not sure why because I should have. I could definitely see me or my wife walking with my 3 y/o along the water with our feet in.

More impressive is that it hasn't happened in the 45 years of Disney.
Gators aren't usually ones to just come attack a person. I wonder if some people had been tossing leftover food or something in the water


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Yesterday I heard someone say the "dumbass father got what he deserved"... ****ing brutal.

jesus. that's freakin savage.

social media is such a shithole. that might be why i never branched out from FB and have 3/4th of my friends list on hide. i have a hard time ignoring stuff like that so it's best if i just don't see it.


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Got another email from our subdivision, I'm sure as a response to what happened. Apparently there have been reports of kids throwing rocks at the gators in the ponds. They have all been evaluated to be fearful of humans and, therefore, not a threat. But if, at any point, that changes, the Department of Natural Resources says they need to be removed AND killed. Obviously this has nothing to do with what happened in FL but damn it, people, control your kids!

i snapped on some little bastards when we went to disney. little ****ers were throwing rocks at ducks and the smallest was trying to kick them. no parents to be seen, and they ran off real quick. wtf is wrong with people.


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Obama's toy haulers are here unloading the all the kit for his Father's Day trip to Yosemite.

Pretty amazing. The scale of these planes is absolutely unreal.

This is across the street from my office.