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On my 2003 V6 Mustang, I noticed there is a crack in one of the header pipes on the passenger side. These are BBK ceramic headers that I purchased at least 10 years ago, so there is no warranty. BBK will not sell me only the one header, but did offer 15% off a new set. I bought the ceramic thinking it would hold up better, but obviously not. I added a Procharger about a year ago that may have helped cause the crack, but I really don't think it did. Is there any way to repair this crack? Is there any noticeable disadvantage to using the chrome header instead as it is almost $100 cheaper for the pair? I really have limited funds, so am looking for the cheapest solution. I know a repair is only temporary, and replacement will be required eventually no matter what. Thanks for any advice.

The crack is about an inch or two in front of the collector, not even at a weld point, which I find strange.
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99-04 v6 mustangs are notorious for the passenger header cracking. Its because of the air conditioner water drain dripping on the header.

You'll need to get a rubber 90 degree bend and stick it on the a/c drain to redirect the condensation drip away from the header.

As far as repairing ceramic coated headers, I'm not sure. I'd call up an exhaust shop or maybe a welding shop and see if its possible to weld a ceramic coated header.

About 8 years ago when my wife had a 99 v6 mustang, the passenger header cracked and a local welding shop was able to weld the crack shut. I removed the exhaust manifold and brought it to them.

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Here is a picture of my BBK ceramic coated long tube headers on my 2011 v6. I'm waiting for them to burn through in a couple more years :(


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I have never seen ceramic headers that look like that.

Yea totally. Just take it to a shop. Tell them to sand and grind then weld it. My stock one broke too because of the a/c water. You can get some thin aluminum and bend it like a 'Z'. Then glue it sideways or hold it with magnets to the firewall below the drain. This will make a little channel to catch the water and direct it away from the exhaust.


I got the crack welded at a local muffler shop for $20. Seems to be holding up well so far. Still need to do the drain redirect. Thanks for all the advice.