celica GTS vs. ME


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This brand new celica with him and his other loser friend comeup on my ass and they flash there highbeams. And then they pull up besides me and start to take off so i floor it...but sometimes when i floor it the motor doesn't kick in all the way. So now the celica is about a half a car ahead of me...then the motor kicks in and that is the end of the race by the time we hit 60mph i was a car and a half in front of him...WILL THESE IMPORTS EVER LEARN???


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Celica GTS's give GT's a hard time on top end. I have taken them NA from a stop and as soon as i hit like 70 their top end kicks in and they are gone. Maybe the kid didnt know how to drive. I think thier speed limiters are like 140 and ours are set at 112 so they could also take us from high speed too.

Not supporting celicas here but i must state the facts. They run low-mid 15's stock. I dont know what year your car is and what mods you have done so I maybe wrong.



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i do also have to say that the kid didn't know how to drive a stick... i have a 02 V6. MAC cai, dual flows.


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yeah my friend has a gts (love the 6-speed) as well and i like the power, but not the car at all! i think they are butt ugly, but i appreciate the go it has behind it. i tried racing him, i took him off the line, then he started racing and caught and passed me by 2nd or 3rd i think. i knew i had no chance, but i wanted to try his lame ass. he doesnt know anything about cars!! examples: he though a supercharger added 1000hp, and that his celica gts was a V4!!!! hes still my boy tho! :D


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I love when people say that. Once I asked this kid if I could see under the hood of his S40 Volvo Turbo and he was like "there's not much to see, it's just V4"

No...sorry bud