Bought a "slightly used" new ride today


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UPDATE 07/04/08 here are three video's of it. First is with the cam kit and maggie 112. The second is the new built forged 402 with 122 maggie, at idle and a few revs. The third is the new 402 with 122 on the dyno.

UPDATE 07/01/08 New dyno numbers 594 / 674 the cam is doing all it can, but the 402 cubes want more, new cam in the near future.


6/27/08 Another major update, the new stroked forged 402 with larger 122 supercharger is done and now running. pics and video at post 150

05/29/08 another update at post 133... VIDEOS posted !!

05/28/08 Another update at post 127

02/16/08 ANOTHER MAJOR UPDATE at post #80
03/04/08 more pics added in post #80
I have been kicking around the idea of replacing my 1998 Infiniti Q45t. Started looking at the GTO's and found a 2005 with only 3467 miles on it. It has the 6 spd and 18" wheels. It's Torrid red with black interior. I bought it!

The car is located at a dealership in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. So I will book a flight with Southwest, and fly down on the 21st to pick it up and cruise back home.

Looking forward to the road trip!



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Congrats, that's a SICK car :thumbup:.

What dealership is it?

Bought off EBAY from Mitchell Motors

This is the third car I have bought off Ebay. First was the 98 Q from a dealer in Scottsdale, AZ. Then a 67 Camaro from a guy in N.C. And now the GTO. Really looking forward to the drive home.



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Congrats on your badass new engine. ;) :thumbup:

Can't say the same for the special-ed inspired styling though. God, those things are silly-looking. :lol:


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Congrats on the new car. I actually live right around Ft. Lauderdale so I could've given it a little test drive for you ;) but that looks like a great car. I'm glad you got the black interior instead of the red, because I hate the red. And I love the style of the car, others don't seem to like it much but I think it looks great


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Sweet. Are you keeping it stock, or doing any mods to it?

I would buy an HID kit, and install it at the dealership before i drive home :cool:


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need a good deal on the airlines? contact me..ill get you some good deals..

this isnt a joke u pansy !

good luck on the new gto..

but contact me , just let me show you the price i can get you.


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Sweet. Are you keeping it stock, or doing any mods to it?

I would buy an HID kit, and install it at the dealership before i drive home :cool:

Just ordred a B&M short throw shifter and a SLP CAGS eliminator (eliminates the mandatory shift from 1st to 4th gear at low rpm's.



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Just a quick update on the new ride.

Bought it drove it home. Have made some mods, see below !




Alpine system w/blue tooth Viper alarm w/window roll up & down & proximity sensor. K&N cai. Kook's LT's catted mids & Borla cat back. JHP door lock kit. JHP dash pod with matching GTO oil pressure and amp gauges. Billet shifter. 06 steering wheel radio controls so they illuminate. Hotchkis bars and Pedders Track 2 kit. SLP skid plate. Polished Maggie. Cam kit. Tex clutch kit. SCSS pillar pod with matching GTO boost & FP gauges

528 RWHP 497 Torque