anyone make all-digital instrument panel?


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i swear i remember seeing a setup in a magazine a few years ago that was advertised as a fully digital gauge setup. told u the speed, and rpm but also had a lighted sweep to the gauges like the s2k has. anyone know where to find them?



There's a company that makes them in the OEM locations as well I think. I remember seeing it on some custom mustang. They were like 500 bucks as well. Let me look for it.




too bad they dont make them like these Mercedes gauges.

the only analog gauge is the Tach.
the speedo, gas, and temp. gauges are all digital LCD made to look Analog



i like mine better, and its closer to the s2k dash

Without a doubt I like the ones you posted. If it had a customizable interface like allowing me to select what I want to see I'd be tits. Imagine you could do a "drag and drop" of different parameters on a program it came with on your computer. If the entire display was a screen then it could show whatever parameter at whatever size inn whatever location. That'd be sweet to have a huge center tach with water, oil, etc. on one side and maybe the speedo in the upper right to stay legal.


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that Benz is :drool: I dont think the rest of my interior would look good with it, I'd have to upgrade to the new 2010 interior but wow...


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the 99-04 gauges get their signals from the computer over a data network rather than just a voltage or pulses like the 94-98 gauges do. that means the implementation of each one is very different.