5-speed stang vs. eclipse gs-t


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well me and my friend were drivin yesterday wne we see this eclipse gs-t so we drive by him rev up my engine a little bit then we were like why the hell isnt this guy racin bc he was a teenager, so he pulls up next to me at the next light and is like thats my mom in fromt of me so when he makes a right hand turn he pills out and me and my friend are like **** that mother****ing car must be fast cuz we heard the turbos go off........ so later that day im goin home, this is like an hour later the SAME guy pulls up to me at a light he was like lets race now dogg, i was like OK SURE WHY NOT. roll up my windows turn off my radio and im good to go, i wasnt in a very good mood at this point bc me and my girl had just got into a fight kinda.... so lgiht turns green.......i dumped it at 2,000rpm's he sat there a pills out a while.... with my new tires z rated i caught good tracion and i had a great start... so he starts to catch traction of me behind a car in about high 1st gear, i hit 2nd and he still is the same exact distants from me bout a car hittin third is tha same it seems like i wasnt gettin any bigger of a lead or he wasnt catchin up... so yea guys thats another one for us, and no joke i did win yesterday bc of my good starti didnt think that car was fast at all, well later

z rated tires
short shifter
flows 40 im gettin them in 2 weeks


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Those eclipse gs-t's are actually quite fast.

It doesn't matter how fast your car is if you can't keep your wheels on the ground.

Good job :)
Chalk another one up to the domestics. I love dusting rice rockets.


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I will race ya once I get my mods on next weekend :p

Actually, there are a lot of asian import cars that I really like, the eclipse gsx being one of them. I am just sick of all of these 18 year olds in their mildly souped up honda civics thinking they are kings of the road.

Then again, they are pretty easy targets to humiliate. Maybe after racing enough mustangs they will realize that large displacement is the way to go :) (either that, or a stage 3 turbo :p )