2011 Mustang AC does't start


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Hello Everyone,
My name is Gary. I just joined the forum. I have a 2011 Musatng with V6 engine. The AC compressor doesn't click. I took it to Ford dealer for checking. The initial thought was the HVAC module on top of the radio. The module was replaced but the issue was not resolved. The switch board is working fine. Then, they suspected the PCM but it was fine. The technician was able to start the compressor by connecting the OBD to the technician computer. So far the dealer could't find what the problem was. The technician told me he requested more help from Ford company but the company didn't reply yet.
Does anyone know what the problem is?
Thanks for the help.

Pete fender

Pete Fender
I would have checked the CCRM, it's a black box located behind the passenger fender, inside the plastic fender lining.
It has your AC, Fuel pump, Fan, and PCM relays all integrated into the same box.


Pete fender

Pete Fender
Hey rd, also get them to check the earth strap from engine to the chassis rail on rh side of engine, they break and also corrode. I'm NRMA patrolman and ford workshop technician

NRME is in Australia, we are in America.
You have been trolling this forum for quite a while.
What is your game?