2007 No Crank, No Start.


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I have a 2007 V6 Automatic that I drove fine all day Saturday, Sunday afternoon I went to start it and got nothing. You put the Key in it and turn it forward the fuel pump primes and everything powers up but when you press the brakes and got to start it the starter doesn't make a sound and the engine doesn't crank. Tried a jumperpak to see it was power but no luck. Everything else is working fine, lights radio windows wipers, message center just wont start. I used a test light and the constant power has power but the second power connection that should have power when the ignition is turned has no power. I tried starting in park and neutral neither work. I jumped the starer power and the solenoid and the start works. Checked all the grounds I could find and no corrosion. Thinking maybe neutral safety switch? Any suggested or advice would be greatly appreciated...


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2008 Mustang V6
Same thing happened to me. Car would not start; turned the key heard the fuel pump prime but no start. Bought a brand new starter from Oriellies and while I was there I decided to get the old one tested. They tested it and it PASSED their starter test(WTF)! Put the new one on and my car started. So I guess I am saying that a starter can still work but maybe not well enough to turn a crankcase.