2004 v6 and trans into 97 full swap


So to make this work the way I want I'll have to use 04 dash harness, driver and passenger side engine bay harnesses and engine harness.

Don't have time now to test it but extending the 97 wires won't work .I either need to trade the transmission for a 94-98 t5 or possibly swap tail shaft but not sure that is possible on the t5 like it is on the newer gt trans.

May have to swap the gas tank as well and not sure about fuel lines.

Looks like the brake booster from 99+ will have to be used with 99+ 5 sp pedals.

Apparently ford changed everything in 99 as far as wiring and a few things to make parts model specific .
Once I can mock up the dash harness to the 97 I'll be able to tell if the body wiring will plug and work.
The downfall here is having a coupe shell and a vert car.

Good news in all of this is that I can do it. Now worries there.

The downfall is this is the same amount of work it would take to swap in a v8.


Been out with a neck surgery so this kind of got pushed back. Got the 4 wheel 5 lug disc swap done on my 85 gt and got it off jack stands.

After some tinkering I am not swapping harnesses to use 04 pcm .

Will be morphing engine harness and looking for 97 t5 housing and harness.

Got the imrc removed from lower manifold and brackets made for E150 fuel rail. Just need to drill and tap for a coolant sensor. Should be doing that tomorrow hopefully.

Motor should be going in no later than this weekend then I can sort out wiring and extensions.



In case this is useful down the road.
The 04 v6 fuel injector numbers are 1F2E-B4A
They are 12.2 ohm and 22.9 lb/hr
98ish E150 injectors are YR3E-A6A

Here is some info on them



Been raining for about 4 days now but was able to get the block in the car before.

Spend the last couple days sorting engine harness and got injector clips moved over as well as fix a couple older connectors and routed distributor wires.

Got hole drilled and tapped for ect sensor

Layed down engine harness

And got the upper installed

Just have to clean up a few things and put the transmission back together from swapping tail shafts and installing a gear style speed sensor. Going with 7 tooth output shaft sensor and a red 21 tooth speed sensor gear.

As soon as the rain stops ill be able to get under car and tighten up trans and exhaust.

Swapped pilot bearings using bread a big screw and a hammer to get the flywheel and clutch in the other day as well .


Got the 04 trans put back together with 95 tail housing

Put trans in last night and did a few other things.
Decided to do what I have been putting off


Got dark and I can only take so much bending with my neck. All things considered getting pedals in was a huge task.
I took old ones out without dropping steering column but didn't even try installing the new ones without dropping it.
Plus I wanted to pull shifter cable out of the way. And give more room to verify all connectors were plugged in without having to crawl under there again.
Tomorrow I will tackle headers and readjust trans to get shifter into position before putting driveshaft back in to complete the rest of exhaust.

Have enough done though I can reinstall battery and radiator and start eliminating the big pieces. Heater hoses and vacuum lines will be the last big push.



Well it's running.
Needs a couple kinks worked out. Mostly in the remaining evap area.
No fuel leaks nor coolant leaks that I see. Sounds like an exhaust leak but these headers and y pipe sounded like this on last motor as well.
This AEM intake sounds tinny at best lol.

So far no CEL with 97 auto ecu

Have a video of it running but obviously can't post directly here.


So I was using the JPA1 ecu that is original to the car.
I got my Moates quarterhorse around mid December and also downloaded Tunerpro RT.
After having some issues pulling a clean file which resulted in not prepping the J3 port very good the first time I was able to pull a .bin file off it.
Apparently the CDAN4 strategy is not very well developed and even putting the stock file back in it did not run very well.
Decipha at efidynotuning.com helped me move over some stuff that he had from previous splitport motors the bin he sent would not mesh well with PATS system. I ended up going line by line and copying over everything into the file I had that worked with PATS. The motor did not like it.
That coupled with the fact I couldn't get a datalogging file to coincide with the strategy I dug out another ecu.
A KLT1 from a 98 3.8 v6 ( i was told 5 sp but everything Ive seen it is an auto ecu). I cleaned up the J3 port and pulled the file. Again I was unable to successfully transfer my PATS code over to it to get a clean start but I was able to disable PATS in it.
The major and only change I did before initial start was to disable the dual volt fuel pump and just have it as a constant return style pump. I disabled what I believe to be all the associated auto trans values so that shouldn't be a problem.

I was able to get an immediately better idle and steadier motor. I also gained the addition of datalogging and a few more features with the CRAJ0 strategy that the CDAN4 doesn't offer.

Just wanted to share my experience so far. I hope to begin tuning over the next couple days to at least get my idle and low load values hashed out before doing some mid throttle data log runs.

This project has taken more set backs than I much care for but financially I am still way ahead currently.


Car is running. I took a video but need to load it to youtube to share here.

Still doing some tuning with it.
Decipha cleaned up the CDAN4 strategy as well but still doesn't offer datalogging with it. So if you have a 95-97 ecu there is still hope.
I found some good ecu pin-outs as well to make using a 99-04 ecu easier to swap over and make work.

Car won't be utilized just yet. I need to tear down the front end and find a noise/issue, may just pull it out and put the 04 suspension under it just to simplify process as I have all the parts sitting in a pile.