2003 V6 Oil Pan Questions

Racer Roy

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Hello everyone, I'm new here and am hoping I can find some information to help with my 2003 V6 road race build. I have spent some time reading on here and have found lots of helpful information, just not quite what I am looking for. Specifically, addressing the oil pan for road racing. I have not found anyone who builds a pan for this engine. I have seen photos of some excellent examples of V6 road race cars. What is everyone doing to keep the oil in the pan?
Thanks for the input


6 Shooter

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Call Tom at Super 6 in Georgia. He sells a larger oil pan (6 qts) that came from an F-150 V-6. BTW, there are 3-4 designs of this oil pan and one of them has a deeper front end in case you will be using a main cap stud girdle .


You haven't said what improvements your looking for. Probably Super 6 is a good location to check. There is a pretty good thread on here about oil pans. It's not so much about modifying them as it is about the various years and types. Some 3.8L V6s has steel pans, which would be a lot easier to modify than the typical cast aluminum ones.

I ran into a company that claims to do 3.8L V6s. It looks like they are done custom, so it's probably BIG-$$$, but it doesn't hurt to ask. I have no experience with them myself. Here's their website.

Stefs ==> Ford Oil Pans - Stef's Fabrication Specialties And B&B Performance

Good luck. Please report back if you find something.


Phil II

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I know two gentlemen who road race 3.8 powered mustangs in SCCA club racing, LeMons, and ChampCar. They use the stock oil pan and never have experienced troubles with oil control. It helps that the sump is fairly deep.

Racer Roy

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Thanks for the replies.
I did contact Stef's and they said they could build something but were so busy it could be close to six months before he would be able to even consider a new project. I never asked how much, figured I would contact him again when I'm actually ready for the engine part of the project.
I have heard about guys racing with the stock pan as you said, Phil II. I have tried to find information if the pans they use are completely stock or if they added some baffles but have not had any luck.
Thanks again