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md302 said:
So, no one races their car at the track?
I have a 12 , 3.7 automatic. I have ran a 9.184 , that was with Airaid intake , Bama tuner and 93 octane fuel. Put BBK HEADERS and x pipe on it and slowed down to a 9.33.
I have 2.73 gears , Mow running airaid cold air intake , BBK Long tubes and off road x-pipe, but I put in a pair of Hi-Flow catts , and running Magnaflow muffler deletes , But I also put in a pair of Single Chamber Hi-Flow Mufflers. then I am running a tune from Bama and this saturday 4-11-15 I ran my best run on my first run of the day. 9.106 @ 81.37 mph. But all honesty , I swapped out tunes on my last 2 runs and ran back to back 9.035 and a 9.034 with MPT tunes.Check me out on Facebook, I like keeping up with all v6 mustang cars . Have had a 03 with a 3.8 5speed , 08 with a 4.0 automatic , and now the 2012 mustang 3.7 automatic.Robert White shelbina , Mo.

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2000 V6 automatic-- 1/8 mile track 104 mph in 7.01 seconds, 355 gears. Pump gas, twin turbo, 21 psi boost.