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  1. J

    Snapping Sound (Engine Bay) 2003 3.8L

    wires are cheap enough, and you never know what could have worn with them having to make that turn around the back of the engine
  2. J

    96-98 Windstar swap

    you could buy shorter bolts at home depot, etc alsothey're probably M6
  3. J

    2000 3.8L underdrive pulleys?

    For my 99 I actually bought a 94-8 underdrive set, and a 94-8 balancer and bolted them together. You've gotta be careful with your 2000 though, part way through the year they went to the internal balance and my method wouldn't work. I don't remember when it changed though, sorry
  4. J

    New here, first car

    Welcome...I'd look into a super coupe supercharger before blowing money nickel and diming off a website. American muscle has junk like plugs and coil packs that are useless
  5. J

    who is running m112 setup on 99-04 3.8 ?

    IAT sensor into the adapter plate like you said. I'm running a 3.4 pulley getting 9psi. hasn't been on the dyno lately
  6. J

    WTB 3.4 M112 pulley

    anyone have one lying around?
  7. J


    pics of the heads please.. include rockers?
  8. J

    Intake Swap

    There are plenty of write ups...but the main thing you need is the EGR bracket if your car still has EGR. otherwise you can run your own vacuum lines and such
  9. J

    FS Mustang / WRX / Universal parts

    sent a PM
  10. J

    99-03 Windstar intake Questions?

    99-03 won't fit under the stock hood
  11. J

    39lb Injectors, BA5000 MAF, LC-1 Wideband, and more..

    PM'd you the other day
  12. J

    39lb Injectors, BA5000 MAF, LC-1 Wideband, and more..

    pic of the gauge with the wideband?
  13. J

    eaton m112 supercharger, adapter and extras

    I'd still deal on one of the M112s if you replied to messages.
  14. J

    supercharged 3.8

    Definitely get the right one from Jeff
  15. J

    4.2 Oil Pan on Mustang?

    I don't think it does...i think I remember my dad's 4.2 truck taking 6 quarts so I think it's different
  16. J

    eaton m112 supercharger, adapter and extras

    Sent you another message
  17. J

    3.8l Windstar Upper Intake Kit

    My father and I, with a 36" prybar.. Were able to get the egr tube to bend down haha
  18. J

    3.8l Windstar Upper Intake Kit

    I bought a windstar kit, don't forget if you retain EGR you also need the EGR bracket off the van. it takes some work but it's totally worth it
  19. J

    eaton m112 supercharger, adapter and extras

    interested in plate and one of the M112s. have paypal
  20. J

    Knocking and vibrations from left front wheel

    I use a pipe wrench to hold the tie rod, and use a wrench to start the end... measure the length of the tie rod and you can get a new end on there close to what the old one was...still get an alignment you won't get it perfect...might also be ceasier to just buy new control arms when replacing...