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  1. Lonnie-S

    A 4.3L Performance Engine Build by Pieces

    All along, I've had the idea of a "Phase II" high performance engine for the custom sports car I'm building. All it's major components come from a 1994 Mustang donor including the 3.8L V6, T5, 7.5" rear axle, front spindles, brakes, and many other components including the ECU and wiring...
  2. Lonnie-S

    Realistic RPM Range for Street 3.8L/4.3L V6?

    Realizing that many factors control making useful power in any engine, but assuming for the moment that a person has a 3.8L or 4.3L V6 that produces useful power up to 6,500 RPM, what is a realistic upper RPM limit to maintain reliability (i.e., it does not explode, spin a bearing, etc.) in a...
  3. Lonnie-S

    Windstar Engine Parts Interchange Questions

    I have a '97 Mustang 3.8L plus some 2000 Mustang 3.8 parts, including the latter's split port cylinder heads. I'm planning on doing the spit port/Windstar intake upgrade in the future. I've been quietly looking for the '96-'98 Windstar intake setup to complete my needed parts inventory for the...
  4. Lonnie-S

    Rear Axle Brake Braces - '94 V6 with 7.5" Axle

    There are braces from the rear axle tube to the rear axle flange where the rear brake calipers attach. In fact, the brace on each side attaches to the axle flange with the same bolts as the brake caliper itself. On their other end, the braces attaches to the axle tube with a clamp. Clearly...
  5. Lonnie-S

    Windstar Conversion - Required Windstart Parts?

    I have the opportunity to buy a 1998 Windstar intake setup that I will later add to a year 2000, 3.8L Mustang split port engine. The Windstar engine is complete, but inoperable and the owner will sell me anything I need from it. What parts besides the upper intake manifold do I need to remove...
  6. Lonnie-S

    ID of Engine Year from Engine Numbers/Casting Numbers?

    When I bought my '94 Mustang project car, I assumed the engine was original. When I got into tearing it down, I found "97 Mustang" written in yellow grease pencil (the stuff commonly used in junk yards) on the passenger side valve cover. The barcoded ID tag for the engine has been removed from...