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  1. Lonnie-S

    99-00 3.8L - Misc Parts for Sale -

    Gotcha Douglas posted here.
  2. Lonnie-S

    engine swap

    Dan, what I know about swaps will fit in a thimble, but there are differences between the '93 and '98 engines in terms of the intake manifolds (upper and lower) and engine control computers. There may be some other, subtle differences too. What I don't know is if you can swap your '98 top end...
  3. Lonnie-S

    99-00 3.8L - Misc Parts for Sale -

    I'm still good for the modified fuel rail too, Douglas. My phone number [a land line] is in the PM I sent you a couple of weeks ago. Let me know if you need it again.
  4. Lonnie-S

    99-00 3.8L - Misc Parts for Sale -

    Send you a PM on the F-150 fuel rail, Douglas. Cheers,
  5. Lonnie-S

    New Engine 4.2l Upgrade 2000 Mustang Coupe

    That's a nice looking engine. I'm looking at photos 9-11 and wondering if you did anything to the crankshaft counterweights? They look like someone went over them with a machine tool of some type. I'll be interested in everything you post. I have a 2000 3.8L from a Mustang and all the parts...
  6. Lonnie-S

    99-00 3.8L - Misc Parts for Sale -

    Douglas, I should be good for (I think) the converted fuel rail. However, I'm going to put some info up rather than reread your build log. Tell me if I'm right. I'm starting out with a stock '94 3.8L in my project, so I'm going to include a gas tank return line for the '94 fuel rail...
  7. Lonnie-S

    Moates quarterhorse with dongle

    I need to educate myself further, but I might be interested. I do have some questions though. 1) Moates has a new unit list price of $249. So, what extras do you have that justifies the $300 price? 2) What year V6 engines will the QuarterHorse you're selling support? 3) I have a bone stock...
  8. Lonnie-S

    00 turbo singleport project

    Well, I'm glad you got the Megasquirt working. Sorry about the blow by. Could it just be a break-in/seating issue that's temporary? Cheers,
  9. Lonnie-S

    need help with the 3.8 oil pan

    If you have a physical arrangement, like a major chassis feature or cross member that can't be overcome, you might want to consider using and inline 6 from the Ford family. They can be built up quite well. Try doing a Google search on them. On the other hand, I've seen oil pans reworked too...
  10. Lonnie-S

    Steel Oil Pan for 3.8?

    I haven't changed from my stock '94 aluminum pan yet. I still may at a later date, however. Cheers,
  11. Lonnie-S

    00 turbo singleport project

    OK, sorry the MegaSquirt didn't work out. I love your wheels, by the way. They're very unusual for the typical Mustang build, but very sharp. Cheers,
  12. Lonnie-S

    00 turbo singleport project

    I've got to review your build log. Did you end up using the MegaSquirt as indicated early in your build log? That would be a very interesting sub-topic for me. Regards, Lonnie
  13. Lonnie-S

    Mini Project before Foxbody mustang Project

    That looks like a fairly sizable project in itself. From your handle, it looks like you've done a 4.3L before. I've collected the parts for same (minus some small items) and will be starting a N/A 4.3L in the near future. Cheers,
  14. Lonnie-S

    2003 V6 Oil Pan Questions

    You haven't said what improvements your looking for. Probably Super 6 is a good location to check. There is a pretty good thread on here about oil pans. It's not so much about modifying them as it is about the various years and types. Some 3.8L V6s has steel pans, which would be a lot easier...
  15. Lonnie-S

    4.3 Stroker Build Part Out!!!

    Where are the parts located?
  16. Lonnie-S

    Windstar intake kit

    Do you know which years of lower intake manifolds match up with the Windstar upper. The dual port 3.8L I have is a 2000 Mustang. Thanks,
  17. Lonnie-S

    Flywheel questions

    Extending bwalk772's question somewhat, I have also heard that some 289/302 flywheels can be used, but might require a starter change due to different gear sizes on the V8 flywheels. Is there any definitive info somewhere on which other flywheels that can be used on the 3.8L V6? I have a 2000...
  18. Lonnie-S

    1999 Ford F150 V6 Turbo

    Nice photo spread. So, what were the dyno figures on the truck? Cheers,
  19. Lonnie-S

    A 4.3L Performance Engine Build by Pieces

    No, I'm really just getting in. My 4.3L build will be my first non-stock 3.8L V6. Ive had 3 stock ones now in various vehicles. Cheers,
  20. Lonnie-S

    Comment by 'Lonnie-S' in item 'Jakes 3.7'

    That is a really good looking vehicle. You done a lot without spending a lot. It looks really bad-ass. Congratulations!