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  • Just got a 2001 mustang. Went to AutoZone and got some transmission fluid. went out put it in. Come to find out it was the wrong transmission fluid. Only drivr home about maybe 2 and a half miles. to make a long story short if I have the transmission flushed. Would I be ok? Or is it a lost cause. I didn't even get to drive it after I bought
    Having Problems Posting Pics To Posts When Showing Others My Works In Progress, No Problems When Posting To My Garage. Have Change Size Of Pics And No Change. What Am I Doing Wrong ? Thanks For The Help.
    Any Help Welcome, Want To Swap Out Head Bolts For Studs, 2000 3.8 V6. Only Arp Stud Kits Are For Super Coupe.
    To My Knowledge They Were SAE Bolts Or Studs On Those Engines. Any One Know What The Sizes Are To Replace
    My Metric Bolts For Studs, Using Arp Catalog As Reference?
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