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  • Just got a 2001 mustang. Went to AutoZone and got some transmission fluid. went out put it in. Come to find out it was the wrong transmission fluid. Only drivr home about maybe 2 and a half miles. to make a long story short if I have the transmission flushed. Would I be ok? Or is it a lost cause. I didn't even get to drive it after I bought
    Hey man I don’t know if your still around I got one of your old kits and I’m just trying to find out how to add the iat harness I have an 04 I know the grey wire all the way to the left on the maf connector is for the iat do I utilize that if so that only one wire where would the other go I hope I hear from u by some miracle thanks in advance man
    Hey thanks for contacting me sorry if this was too late to help as I am more easily reached on the SVTPerformance forum. Yes that IAT wire will be used to go to a new IAT sensor which is supposed to go at the front of the adapter plate. The ground wire for the IAT should be on the MAF as well. If you have any questions my email is [email protected].
    I have a 2014 v6 3.7L mustang and I want to put a exhaust on it. What is the best option?
    Any Help Welcome, Want To Swap Out Head Bolts For Studs, 2000 3.8 V6. Only Arp Stud Kits Are For Super Coupe.
    To My Knowledge They Were SAE Bolts Or Studs On Those Engines. Any One Know What The Sizes Are To Replace
    My Metric Bolts For Studs, Using Arp Catalog As Reference?
    Any Idea What The 2000 V6 3.8 mustang Flywheel To Crank bolt size Is? Have Been Looking Everywhere Can't Find Size Or Arp Kit. Thanks
    Hey man im new here, i googled m112 build and saw how you was sellin full kits a few yrs back and was wondering if you was still selling them?
    I'm new to the 3.8 message board and just curious as to why i cannot add signature to my posts?(something about administrator approval) So i figure id ask the moderator, thx in advance:)
    Hello! I was wondering if you still had the parts list for the M112 intall and where to purchase the items? Thanks!
    Aha... I have more friends than you on here. XD

    Which btw, I hope your night is getting better. I'll bug ya in a bit. :p
    I saw a thread you started about getting together a kit to go with the SSM M112 intake adapter. Is this still the case and if so how do you go about getting in on this?


    Please email [email protected]
    me and a guy who help mod/admin another forum are wondering about spam. would you or do you know anyone who could give some tips on this... many thanks.
    Yes your motor will support the blower but there are a LOT more parts you will need. The best thing you can do is to search through all the threads here and read up on the various M112 installs.
    hi my friend wants to sell me his 03 m112 blower with a 2.93 Billet pulley and the plenum, what else would i need to install this on my 01 3.8 im kind of a newbie i kno i need the cobra MAF, injectors, and fuel pump. but what esle an is there a step by step instruction for this, an will my engine even support the blower? Thanks!!- Aaron
    Hey I saw your vid on youtube and I was curious. Which magnaflow mufflers were you using? I saw two cat back set ups online. One had the roud bullet type mufflers and the other had the oval shaped more conventional looking mufflers. I was hoping to get mine to sound close to yours....not too loud not too quiet....and not too much drone I hope. any help would be appreciated.

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